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Welcome to Dulces Sweets!  We offer baking supplies, cupcake supplies, cookie cutters, cake decorating supplies and more. Our goal is to inspire and to bring out the creative side of you. Shipping is $7.95 and free shipping over $50.00.

Our Featured Items:

Baking Molds-Loaf Paper-Loaf Paper Baking Molds
Baking Molds-Loaf Paper
Cookie Cutter-Eiffel Tower-Eiffel Tower cookie cutter, France cookie
Cookie Cutter-Eiffel Tower
Cookie Cutter-Fleur de Lis-Fleur de Lis Cookie Cutter, Cookie Cutter, Wedding, and Baking Supplies
Cookie Cutter-Fleur de Lis
Cupcake Wrappers-Blue/Chocolate Brown-Blue/Chocolate Brown Cupcake Wrappers, Cupcake supplies
Cupcake Wrappers-Blue/Chocolate Brown
Pastry Tips 9CS-Closed Star Tube-Pastry Tips, Cupcakes decorating Tips, Cake decorating Tips, Pastry Tube.
Pastry Tips 9CS-Closed Star Tube
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